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Tradition Bearer. Entertainer. Word Weaver. Myth Maker. Performer. Artist.

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Just a few of the ways to describe what a storyteller is and does.


The magic of storytelling is in the connection that happens between the audience, the teller and the story. Sharing a moment in space and time, there is nothing like it. In a world where we are increasingly addicted to screens, this person to person connection is not just important, it's vital. 

Storytelling can be mesmerising and enchanting, it can be provocative and subversive, it can be fun and animated, it can be gentle and soothing - one thing it is never, is dull.

Vicky puts the needs of her audience at the heart of what she does, so that her stories can and will always be relevant.


Learn more about Vicky's storytelling for Adult, Children and Sensory audiences.

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