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Star Wolf is a story of heart and wellbeing inspired by an ancient Cheyenne legend.

Presented inside Tale Time's Story Dome:

Star Wolf is a fully immersive 360 experience in which

 live storytelling is enhanced and complimented

by projected environments and animations. 

The story environments appear around the children as they howl, dance and imagine along with Vicky. 

With over fifteen years of storytelling practise and a qualified teacher, Vicky creates an inclusive, nourishing and unique storytelling experience for audiences aged 4 -7.


Watch the promo video.

Poor old Wolfie desperately wants to dance like the stars.

“You don’t have to be a star!” The stars tell him. “We love you just the way you are.”


But Wolfie doesn’t listen and pushes himself so hard he falls apart.

Bits of Wolfie land all over Northern Ireland!

Can the children help Wolfie put himself back together again?

Star Wolf

School Visits


Star Wolf is a story of wellbeing and resilience, that teaches children that they are perfect as they are.

Contact Vicky today for more information, prices and booking. 




An innovative and cutting edge immersive storytelling experience for families with young children.

Star Wolf offers an exciting and heartwarming show for your guests.

Get in touch today to discuss your event needs.




A beautiful story of heart and wellbeing, that speaks to audiences young and old.

Due to the nature of the technology, Star Wolf requires a large indoor space with access to power.

Please get in touch today to find out more.

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