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Crafting, telling, teaching stories is my great passion in life.

About Me

I am a writer, storyteller, audio stories producer, scriptwriter and teacher of creative writing. My work spans genre and style but the one thing that binds everything I do is the stories at the heart of it. My clients include, BBC Teach, C2K Newsdesk, BBDO Energy, Verbal Derry and Anorak Magazine. I have told stories in various settings both in person and digitally. In 2017 I won the National Literacy Trust's prize for re-imagined fairytales (published by Bloomsbury). I am still working on my first full children's novel. My audio stories (featured Funkids Radio) can be found on Audible and iTubes. Since 2016 I have been telling sensory stories and in 2023 I launched my story dome. You can see my storytelling on my YouTube channel and here

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