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Having been a teacher and worked with children in all sorts of settings since 2005, I understand that the needs of every child, every class, every school are different. Storytelling at its most powerful is a communication between teller, audience and story. Which is why I prefer to tailor each program to the needs and requests of each individual program.

I can visit you for an hour, a day, a week or over an extended period and provide creative story sessions that fit the needs of your students.

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Story Sessions and Workshops

These are the sorts of workshops I regularly run:

Storytelling - for a straight storytelling session, I have a repertoire of folktalkes, myths, legends and fairy tales from near and far. My style is engaging and animated. Children enjoy participating and co-creating stories during my sessions as well as sitting back, relaxing and listening as I take them into a world of wonder, magic, adventure or play. 

Story making - There is nothing more fun than inspiring and supporting children to write their own stories. Every year I run a week long story writing course that sells out. Mixing my literacy training with my (nearly two decades) of writing experience, I use games, drama, storytelling to inspire them, then offer support to write the best story they can.  

Creativity and Story - Bringing the children deeper into one story, I can use either drama or art activities to enrich the experience and facilitate the children to express their own creativity.

Story and wellbeing - the stories I love the most offer wisdom or insight into what it is to be human. Children especially need to find safe ways to explore and develop their understanding of themselves and the world in which they live. I have developed a number of workshops that - using stories as a prompt - lead to discussion and/ or creative activities designed to promote and support emotional wellbeing.

If any of the above sounds interesting to you - or if you have another idea of how your learners could benefit from storytelling, please contact me today to discuss your learner's needs.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

07855 289757

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