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Sensory Stories are stories told in the language of the senses.

Touch, Taste, Smells, Sounds and Visual stimulus bring the story to life.

Vicky has been telling sensory stories since 2016 to audiences across Northern Ireland.

Sensory stories are intended to be an exciting, pleasant, engaging experience for the audience member.

At their heart they are about connection.

Vicky uses skills of empathy, sensory stimulation, adaptability and creativity to create a story experience that is enjoyable for all, whether telling to a group or individual. 

In Special Schools

Fairytales, myths, stories from around the world are made accessible through sensory stories. 

Vicky can tell to class groups (up to 20) or to individual PMLD students.

Half-day - £150 (plus travel)

Full-day - £200 (plus travel)

Themed shows and staff training also available.

Contact Vicky to discuss your school's needs


In Care Home and Residential Day Centres

Sensory Story sessions are a wonderful communal experience for groups. As well as the story, they are usually filled with fun, participation and plenty of sensory experiences.

A sensory story session takes place in a communal room with a group of about 10 - 20(max) residents and lasts about 45minutes.

Prices start at £100 (+travel) for a stand alone session.

Contact Vicky now for availability and options for your centre.

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