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Two children are lost in the forest...

..when they come across a hut on chicken legs.

They shouldn't have gone in, they should have known it belonged to the witch - Baba Yaga! But... we all make silly mistakes sometimes.

Can brother and sister complete three impossible tasks to save themselves from the witch's pot?

And if they do, will the witch play fair?

An immersive story...

Join Vicky inside the Story Dome, as she brings the story to life with her animated and engaging oral storytelling complimented by immersive environments and animations projected around you.


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Contact Vicky for availability, prices and bookings via Email or the below contact form.

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The Story Dome was developed in collaboration with Ulster University's gaming, multimedia and animation departments and funded through Future Screens and the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. 

The team behind the dome research and development were Alan Hook, Sabrina Minter and Daryl Randall.

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