Stories to Read

Here are some of my favourite stories reimagined.

The Sunbird and the Sea

There was once a pair of little sunbirds that lived on the shores of a great ocean. When the time came for them to start a family, Wife turned to Husband and said. “Where should I lay my eggs, Husband?”

Town Mouse and Country Mouse

There was once a town mouse and a country mouse who were great friends. Every year Town Mouse would visit Country Mouse on the farm.
“It is very pretty here,” Town Mouse said. “But what is that terrible smell?”

The Ugly Duckling

Down by the river bank, on a warm summer’s day, a mother duck was waiting for her eggs to hatch. She had one, two, three, four, five beautiful, small, perfect eggs. And a sixth, not so small and perfect egg. In fact, it was a rather large and lumpy looking egg.

Theseus and the Minotaur

There was once a great kingdom called Athens. The people were well-fed, prosperous and happy… most of the time. But once a year, a terrible thing happened.

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